Happy Friday! I hope you all have fun weekend plans on the agenda. We are skipping across the water to Fairhope for art walk date night! Or as I like to call it “wine walk” since all the shops serve free wine- definitely the best part.

I was planning to share a spa recipe with you but I didn’t get it together this week so I’ll come back Monday with that post for you! Until then I thought I’d share what photos are on my phone lately…

These flowers from my trip at the Four Seasons in West Palm // I want a florist to come to my home and do fresh bouquets every week- what a dream!


This cat just really makes me happy. I know some people think cats are weird but he’s seriously like a lovable dog. He cuddles up on my chest and lays down and stares into my eyes like a baby haha- this is getting weird huh?


Target to do lists // that damn dollar section gets me every time and I always need a new pack of thank you notes to stash in my drawer since I never send thank you notes. Monday mornings with a cup of coffee and a to do list is magical.


Our realtor brought pretty roses for our home photo shoot and they just brightened my week. I never think to buy roses for the house but these were so light and beautiful.


Again – this cat rocks


Organized fridge // I love a freshly cleaned and stocked fridge. Follow @thehomeedit on Instagram for some organizational inspiration. (Example photo down below)


Nighty night tea // while on my trip my friend Allie got me hooked on tea time before bed with nighty night tea. I seriously passed out and slept like a baby so I’ve started making it a ritual at home. Anything to have more restful sleep!


Pantry organization // our new home has a big pantry and I can’t wait to get it all organized and pretty! Thanks to @thehomeedit for beautiful inspiration


Yacht life // one of my favorite pics from the yacht trip in West Palm. Just take me back every weekend!


Sunday evenings on the porch // fall weather is peeking its head out so an evening fire on the porch was the best way to end the weekend.


Whole 30 cookbook // I am loving the recipes in the Whole 30 cookbook and these salmon cakes were delicious! Sweet potato is a hidden ingredient which I never would have thought to use!


Fall evening runs // my husband and I used to run the back roads near our house but since his back injury he can’t run so we’ve been doing a 3 mile loop while he rides his bike and I run. It’s definitely pushing me to run faster! These are some pretty field views on our trip.


See you Monday- have a fun weekend 🙂