Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I’ve been going through it lately. In my head and heart I’ve struggled with this idea of perfection.

My whole life I have strived for perfection. Growing up I wanted to be the perfect Christian, to have the perfect body, perfect marriage, perfect life. But I have learned and especially over this past weekend that being perfect is not the goal. It’s the in between. It’s the struggle, it’s the progress. It’s the putting one foot in front of the other when you just want to lay in bed. It’s laying in bed when you know you have a pile of laundry, dishes and bills. It’s texting a friend who you know is going through it and just telling them you love them. It’s forgiving someone who doesn’t deserve it. It’s admitting our faults and our flaws even when we want to be prideful. It’s letting go and just being. And sometimes being ourselves isn’t easy. Sometimes people don’t accept you for who you are. Sometimes being you is messy but it’s in the messy that we realize our need for something greater.

God is perfect. His love is perfect. His grace is perfect. And that’s all we need to rely on. We will continue to progress. We will be held back to wait and then we will be propelled forward to move. We will doubt ourselves and our abilities but we will be uplifted and encouraged. We will forget who we are and who’s we are and then we will be reminded.

Whoever is reading this- I want you to know- it’s okay that you aren’t perfect. That you aren’t the best mother, the best daughter, the best friend, but you never will be. Only He is perfect.

Continue to grow. Continue to love. Continue to be vulnerable. Continue to be brave. And in doing so you will continue to make progress.



Love- Natalie