I thought I’d pop in today and share some of my favorites from lately. Life is constantly moving and changing but I love sharing updates with you here.

Listening to: Marshmello. I know the name is weird but I love this music. Especially for a good workout pump (insert bicep emoji)


Cooking: Meal Prep Inspiration from Instagram. When I meal prep and make food for the week I am SO much better at eating healthy. Exercise is important but healthy eating is where you will see the results. Follow @lady.lolas on Instagram for meal prep ideas!


Working Out: I signed up for  Beach Body On Demand. It’s less than $10/month and you get unlimited access to all their workouts like Insanity, 80 Day Obsession, etc. I just started LIIFT4 and am loving it so far. All about building strength and leaning out. Plus you get healthy eating plans too!


Wishing: I could go back to Asheville with Darin. We had the BEST time exploring and hiking and eating all the foods. It was so beautiful and I definitely want to go back when it’s a little cooler and the leaves are changing colors.



Reading: The Miracle Morning. I’ve been focusing on productive mornings and I swear it makes a difference in your day. Getting up an hour earlier and focusing on your goals for the day, meditating, reading, praying, working out, etc can make such a difference in your attitude for the day! Try it out. Read more about it here


Crushing On:  Our new pool!! This has been a labor of love and my husband has done such a great job designing and planning everything. When you live in the middle of nowhere a pool is the best!



Inspiring me Lately: Bob Goff and his focus on loving everybody, always. So easy to say, not easy to do. I want to give more and expect less- “Love Big, Pack Light”.


I hope you have a fabulous week! Love, love.