Hi all! Happy New Years week! Doesn’t it feel great to be in a new year? I love the excitement around this time of year of inspiration and encouragement in all forms. Social Media is especially exploding with all the positive quotes and healthy recipes. I love it! I’m going to share my 2019 goals and word of the year with you Monday but for today, I wanted to share how I went after my 2018 word of the year.


My word of the year was Brave. 2017 was grow and I definitely did that in so many areas. But 2018 I really wanted to challenge myself to face my fears and be brave.

At the beginning of 2018 I got involved with a non-profit here locally that was fighting sex trafficking in the U.S. I spent 8 months pouring my heart into it. Unfortunately things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would but in the end I know that my passion for helping girls and women find freedom is what I’m truly here to do. I learned how to be brave when things were scary. This non-profit propelled me toward facing fears and growing into courage.

At the beginning of 2018 I read Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness and listened to many podcasts about fear. “Strong back, soft front” is how she encourages you to live. This was the start of my journey toward freedom from fear, the crippling opinions of others and finding my way to bravery.


I wrote this post “Fear to Bravery” about fear and truly found words to describe my inner feelings. I know that tackling my fear head on was how I would find the keys to being brave.

I traveled to Houston, TX and visited a sex trafficking drop-in center. I saw women meeting with social workers to truly pursue a career and purpose for their lives. It was amazing. They have served over 400 clients since they opened. If you’d like to hear more or support them you can visit The Landing.


I traveled to London and spent a day sight seeing by myself. I know this sounds small, but I had never done this! I explored art museums, took myself to lunch, took myself out for drinks and soaked in the culture. It felt very freeing.


After a year of practice clients and studying- I started up my Life Coaching business- Fresh Life Flourish. My official website will be launching soon! I have been blessed with some amazing women clients and am pursuing it whole heartedly in 2019. If you are interested or would like to book a free intro session email me at freshlifeflourish@gmail.com!


I had my first official speaking engagement at a church conference sharing about sex trafficking. I was shaking the whole time, but I did it. 2019 speaking engagements- I’m coming for you!

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I hosted a women’s small group and shared my heart and secrets with women I had just met. We met at a coffee shop and read a book called “She is Free” and truly found freedom by sharing our fears and the lies that have held us captive from who we are truly destined to be. I was blessed to have the opportunity.


My goal for 2018 was to make (2) new couple friends for Darin & I. I lucked out and made new friends- true friends- that have invested in me and made me better. Plus their husbands are great too and we all have a fun time together so it’s been a huge blessing. They have made me brave in being able to share and be open with them, I can trust them and that means so much.


I lucked out and met the sweetest couple who have given up their lives to serve Haitians. They moved there years ago and are running a non-profit to help Haitians create a sustainable livelihood. We are going to travel there in March of this year and this is just one more step toward bravery. I know that it will be scary when we do it, and I can’t wait to truly pursue partnering with them. You can check out their website here 

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Lastly, I couldn’t embrace courage and bravery without my husband and family. They encourage and inspire me daily to be the person I am.

Plus my two besties from afar that always have my back- I can have a good cry, a good laugh and an inspirational talk with-all in one hour. They are both amazing moms and entrepreneurs who inspire me daily.

The biggest factor in all of this is God. I have had to truly let go and let Him lead and guide me. To let my fears go and embrace a life of courage.

Have you thought about choosing a word for 2019? I’ll be sharing mine on Monday along with my 2019 goals!