Good morning! It’s been quiet around here lately as I’ve been taking a step back in areas of my life to determine what direction I’m going.


Last fall I completed my Life Coaching Certification through the Life Purpose Institute. For those of you interested in becoming a Life Coach, I really loved the program. You really want to find a school that is accredited through ICF (International Coach Federation), like Life Purpose is. It was a 6 month online program where we met 1x a week with a class through online video and our teacher led the class. You also had to pass a final certification exam and submit a ton of paperwork, but it was all so helpful to your growth as a coach!

Our teacher, Sharon, is a life coach and runs her own business so she was able to instruct from a place of not only knowledge but experience. Our class had 8 people in it and I learned so much from each of them. After a couple of classes we would practice coaching each class and THAT was the most challenging.

You see, I’ve never been comfortable with speaking in front of others but after this class you will be stretched to the point where your worries of what others think of you will start to disappear. It made me stronger and more confident.

I also coached 5 “practice” clients where I live during these 6 months and loved seeing people make strides in their life whether it be financially, spiritually, physically or emotionally. Everyone had different areas of focus and grew in their own unique way.

That is the difference in counseling and coaching. Life Coaching is about coaching others to find their own solution. Most of the time the answers are deep within us, we just need someone to help draw the answers out.

I have taken a break since my class ended last fall and been focusing on my own personal growth and dreams. But I have been missing the one-on-one time with my clients and want to get that started again.

All that to say, I am diving in slowly with my Life Coaching business. Fresh Life Flourish is a life coaching relationship to help you “flourish” in all areas of life.


If you or someone you know is looking to make a career change, establish a healthier lifestyle, or merely accountability to meet their goals, I am offering a Free Consultation.

Once we meet and determine if this is best for both of us, then we will move forward. This can be over the phone, video conference or in person! Feel free to contact me at and we can make a plan.

Don’t let another year of missed opportunities or unmet goals happen- I can help you truly pursue the passions and desires in your heart.