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Good evening! I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend. My Saturday started with a 3 hour Keratin hair treatment, yes 3 hours. If you have never had a Keratin treatment done you are missing out on smooth and silky hair. Although most people I know have smooth and silky hair, just not me. Afro frizz head over here has to tame the mane every once in a while so this is my 4th Keratin. Groupon & Living Social runs specials on them a lot and if the Hair Salon is credible, you should give it a shot.


**Straight hair in the pictures below.

Afterward I headed to my friend Victoria’s house and our great friend Rob stopped by to see us! I have missed seeing him so it was a great reunion, we all went to college together.


After some chats, Victoria & I started getting ready for our friends party. And this wasn’t just any party, it was a Hell Yeah Woman’s Party. This was the 3rd party they have thrown like this and the emphasis is on being proud of being a Hell Yeah Woman and what the women of the 40’s supported.


Let me preface these photos by saying, I have the best and most creative friends.

Alex, Erica & Emily decorated their home for the event. There were Smokes (vintage style fake-cigarettes), a Photo booth with props and a “Vote for the Best Dress” box.

PicMonkey Collage1

The theme was Flapper style and everyone dressed so cute and perfect for the occasion. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, we had a fabulous time.




PicMonkey Collage4


PicMonkey Collage3

No Hell Yeah Woman’s Party is complete without a dance party. I just love all these girls.



These are the party hosts: Alex, Emily & Erica. The best party hosts I know. Pinterest should ask them for ideas.


The night was a success and fun was had by all! I look forward to Part IV Hell Yeah Women’s Party.

Have you ever been to a theme party? Do you like to dress up for parties?

|| Some inspiration for the start of a new week: After listening to Andy Stanley speak this morning on “Breathing Room”, I was challenged to start my week fresh and look at what things I need to take away and what things I need to add to my life to make it the best. Take a moment before your week starts and think about how you can be most effective every day and what things may be distracting you from doing that. Don’t overbook yourself, put your cell phone away and enjoy your loved ones. Our days are numbered so enjoy every moment with no regrets. ||