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Good evening! Happy Wednesday! Can you believe the week is half over? I love that New Year’s Eve & Day broke up the work week some. I’m spending time curled up on my couch with a cold but I wanted to share my last holiday re-cap with you. After we spent time with my parents & siblings in Atlanta, we headed down to Pensacola, Florida for Christmas with my mom’s side of the family.

Most Christmas holidays with her family are spent at my Grandma’s house but this year we switched it up and had it at my Aunt Tracy & Uncle Scott’s house. They just finished building a beautiful home on the bay in Pensacola and Darin & I stayed there along with my parents. Look at the amazing view from their back porch.


The weather was perfect for an outdoor fire, not too cold but a light chill in the air just enough to make you want to sit outside and relax. Here’s Darin and my cousin Patrick chatting it up about hunting, fishing and golfing. Darin definitely fits in with my family.


They have the cutest dogs, fit with Christmas bows.


We spent Christmas Eve day prepping and cooking in the kitchen. I made a Sweet Potato Souffle & Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake. It was great to spend some time with my dad as he worked on whipping up food for the dinner to come later in the evening.


We rent out tables and chairs for our family Christmas as we have 50 people come for it. Yes I said 50. That’s how many people make up my mom’s side of the family. And this isn’t long lost relatives. Simply her brothers & sisters, their kids and their kids kids and their kids kids kids… you get the picture.

The house was decorated beautifully and decked out for the holidays.

DSC_0634 DSC_0635

My Grandma also buys gifts for every single person! She is an amazing woman to do that. Santa definitely came this year.


After the food was prepped and the house was decorated, Darin and I set out for a run around the neighborhood.

Then we came home and got ready for the evening. Here we are all dressed and ready to help entertain the family!


My traditional Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake. This is my 3rd year making this holiday dessert staple. Also I’m in love with this dress, it was so soft and the touch of sparkle on the top was perfect for the holidays.


My Aunt Tracy is a part of the Big Sister/ Little Sister program and has a little girl named Christina stay with her on the weekends. This year she invited her to stay for Christmas and she was able to open presents and enjoy the holiday. She was a very sweet girl.


Well that’s all for the holiday re-cap! I have several posts I want to share with you guys I just have to find the time to write them up! I am going to leave you with a workout I promised you like 2 weeks ago. It was supposed to be a pre-New Year’s workout but it didn’t make it up here. Scroll down to the bottom for a butt-kicking workout! Happy New Year to you!



For the following workout you can use your body weight or use dumbbells. This is great for toning up your lower body and will definitely work you out! Supersets are when you do (2) exercises back to back. You will superset the two exercises in the first set 3 total times, rest, then do the same pattern with Supersets 2 & 3. There are links below for any exercises you may not know. Start off with a 10 minute warm-up walk/run and don’t forget to stretch after! Good luck 😉


Have you tried any new leg/butt workouts lately? What is one exercise you swear works for you?