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Good morning! I hope the start of a new week is going great for you. My weekend was full of fun with my family in the mountains! It was the perfect weather and I got to see the last little bit of fall leaves before they all fell to the ground. Also, can I just say how grateful I am for this time of my life? Never would I have thought that God would bring us back home for a few months to be close to our families, especially during the holidays! I truly believe He is leading us every step of the way on this ever changing journey.

Ok, back to the weekend. On Friday evening we all drove up to North Carolina to my family’s mountain house to spend the weekend relaxing and having fun together.

We relaxed and I slept in until about 10am on Saturday morning. After some breakfast we headed into the downtown area for some shopping.


We stopped by the local Farmer’s Market to see what they had to offer.

As you can tell, this isn’t a big farmer’s market. But it’s quaint and gives us something to do.

There is a lady who makes her own jewelry and I already own (2) pair of her earrings that are the only ones I seem to wear anymore! I love to stop by her tent and see if she has new jewelry finds.

My mom bought my sister and I a pair, she is so sweet! Speaking of that, she also ordered the Marble Pumpkin Candle Holders from Crate & Barrel because she saw me talk about them on my blog. Again, she is so thoughtful.

We stopped by the fresh produce tent and picked up some lettuce for a salad later. Her produce was so colorful and fresh!

Other tents sold homemade jelly and creative artwork.

After the Farmer’s Market we headed down to the main downtown area and I peeked into my favorite little shop- Blue Moon Elise. The company was started back in 1999 by a girl named Rachel who was suffering from chronic intestinal failure. She decided to go the natural route instead of the surgery route and focused on diet, natural body care and a healthy environment. I loved to read her story and see the pictures of her husband and new baby around the store. She makes her own soap and they also have Yoga classes and massages as well. I’m going to try to come to a Saturday class the next time we are up here.

I came across this delicious smelling Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner. Since I have a Keratin treatment on my hair, I use Shampoo & Conditioner with no Sulfates or Parabens. Plus its great because its made with botanicals and natural ingredients instead of chemicals- bonus! Oh, and it was only $8/bottle which is cheaper than the stuff I buy at the beauty store.

I picked up a free bar of Aint Buggin Me Soap for spending $20 (also bought Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm) and a free sample of True Romance soap for signing up on their email list. Soap score!

After shopping around and eating some lunch, we headed back to the house and I took my sister and her family out for a Christmas photo shoot. We stopped by this pretty field first.

Then we decided on this red fence down the path for the final picture spot. No photos to share yet as they are for her Christmas cards to come 🙂

After photo time, we all headed back and started up a fire for the evening. This is our typical parking spot when we come to the mountains. There is nothing better than a nice fire with people you love.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Now onto the rest of our week 🙂