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This past weekend was very busy but also very fun! Darin and I were able to explore the area which included a Sushi Bar and visiting Key Biscayne, Florida. Pictures to come, but for now let’s get moving!


It’s Move It Monday and I have an awesome workout for you. I did this workout earlier and was literally dripping with sweat. If you want a heart pumping workout with some focused toning- this is the workout for you. It only takes 20 minutes and will definitely get your heart rate up and have you burning calories.

You will do each exercise for 50 seconds, take a 10 second break and then move onto the next exercise. When you get Mountain Climbers you will repeat for a total of 3 times through.

Follow this up with 10-15 minutes of stretching.

Now that you have sweated your heart out, here is a fitness Giveaway for you!!

I’m giving away the new Jillian Michael’s Kickbox Fast Fix DVD. It’s composed of 3- 20 minute Kickboxing workouts that focus on toning your lower half, arms, and abs. It’s an awesome workout to get your heart rate up and slim you down for summer. If you would like to win this DVD, just leave me a comment about one of your summer fitness goals by 12am EST on Friday and I will announce the winner Friday morning! I will send an email to the winner to follow-up with you. Good luck! Winner will be chosen by drawing.

Flavor & Finds

Darin and I found the best Sushi Bar right down the road from our apartment. It’s called Ra Sushi and we shared several different Sushi rolls.

I got a drink first and since I love Sangria, this Sake Sangria sounded delicious.

And it was..

Darin had a hard time deciding what rolls he wanted.. I was of course just thinking about my Sangria.

For an appetizer we had Lobster Spring Rolls which were so good. They were filled with Lobster mixed with mango, cream cheese and mild peppers mixed in wonton sauce. So yummy!

Then the Viva Las Vegas Roll which was crab and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed topped with spicy tuna and some cool wafer/cracker thing.. I don’t know what it is honestly.

Then we had the Lobster Shrimp Roll

Followed by the Tunacado- seared ahi tuna with avocado.. we may have overdone ourselves.

But it was so delicious! Sushi doesn’t give me that sick feeling when I eat too much. Which can be a good and bad thing. Do you like sushi? And if so what’s your favorite roll? I want to try a new one!

More to come tomorrow on our weekend adventures. For now we are off to a Dedication Dinner for Chick-fil-A for one of the local operators who’s Grand Opening is this week.